Application of stainless steel tile profiles

Today, we will talk about a very popular decorative material which in the past two years. It can be used in every space of the house and is also very environmentally friendly. There are many colors for the owners to choose. This material is the stainless steel profile.

Have you used stainless steel tile profile for your home? 
The effect is really great

In the past two years, light luxury decoration has become particularly popular. An outstanding feature of this decoration is that it can be placed on the roof, on the walls and cabinet doors, giving people a sense of wealth

What is stainless steel tile profile?

Ceramic tile trim (or tile profiles) is not only a safety protection building material, but also a good accessory for paving decoration

It can be used for interior and exterior decoration of inner corner lines, outer corner lines, waist lines, frame lines, inlaid lines, edge-holding strips, etc. Decorative trim plays a beautiful role in decoration. It is a line that protrudes or is inlaid on the wall. It highlights some horizontal or vertical lines on the wall. It can add the plane effect of the wall. It has high strength and corrosion resistance., Water resistance, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance characteristics. The appearance is as bright as a mirror, and the decoration effect is good.

The shape and color of  the stainless steel trims





At present, the trims have developed round, hypotenuse and square shape;





There are also many choices of colors and materials. Stainless steel decorative trims are customary 201, 304 , silver, rose, gold, champagne gold, black, titanium gold, bronze colors and so on. You can choose the corresponding shape and color to match according to your own ceramic tile color style. 

Why are more and more people using stainless steel tile trim and what are its advantages?

The application of stainless steel trims in decoration is becoming more and more popular. Although they have always been a supporting role in decoration, they are the essence of modeling. Instantly improving the quality of decoration can be said to be the finishing touch. 
Stainless steel tile profiles are matched with ceramic tiles. In the decoration a long time ago, floor and floor tiles inlaid with copper strips were popular. It can be seen that the combination of metal and ceramic tiles is a more classic match. Nowadays, the size of ceramic tiles is getting bigger and bigger, and the texture is getting more and more beautiful. Sometimes the texture of ceramic tiles is more delicate than natural stone. The background wall is decorated with a combination of ceramic tiles and stainless steel, which is economical, practical and beautiful.

This product structure is solid, durable, not easy to scale, not easy to rust, easy to clean, it is a one-time investment. It has the following advantages:

1. The stainless steel tile trim is easy to install, labor-saving and material-saving. Let the tile and stone masters simply and easily complete the installation.

2. The stainless steel tile trims make the decoration beautiful and bright. The curved surface of the corners is smooth and the lines are straight, which can effectively ensure the straightness of the corners of the wrapping and make the corners of the decoration more three-dimensional beauty.

3. The stainless steel tile trim has stable performance and is not affected by any climatic conditions. It has excellent anti-collision properties and can post your ideal angle according to your decoration requirements.

In addition to matching ceramic tiles, what other combinations of stainless steel trim?

1. With stainless steel and wallpaper, more and more people like simplicity in decoration nowadays; no longer like wallpaper with large patterns, striped wallpaper is easier to be outdated. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper also prefers plain colors, but a large area of plain colors, if there is no decoration, will make the whole wall look very monotonous and lifeless. If you decorate the wallpaper with stainless steel strips, the space will have a sense of hierarchy. Using it on a longer wall can also make the house appear tall.

2. The stainless steel strip is matched with the soft bag (hard bag). Many times when we make the soft bag (hard bag) shape, we will make natural seams. Natural seams in a small area are okay, but a large background wall is still matched. The stainless steel trim is better to look at, and the three-dimensional sense of the shape will be stronger.

3The combination of stainless steel and stone, with the popularity of light luxury, the status of tough materials such as stone and stainless steel in people's hearts has been soaring, especially stainless steel has become an indispensable material for light luxury, a large area of stone background is general It is not easy to install, because natural stone is easy to break during transportation, and the pattern of natural stone is random. Many times the large-area background wall does not match the pattern, and stainless steel profiles are inlaid in the middle.

4. Stainless steel trims are matched with wood veneers. We used to make wood veneer walls to match with solid wood casings, but the disadvantage of solid wood casings is that they are more dusty and easy to crack at the corners. Now we are all pursuing simplicity. In pursuit of use, we boldly use stainless steel strips instead of traditional solid wood lines, which are easy to manage and more beautiful.

5. Stainless steel trims are matched with glass. Some people like to use mirrors or glass for decoration at home. Especially when the space is relatively narrow, mirrors can bring a sense of space extension and have a better visual effect. But a single mirror with a wooden frame always feels very earthy. With stainless steel, it can set off the glass or mirror brighter, not as dull as the wooden frame.

6. The combination of stainless steel strips and gypsum board ceilings. The application of stainless steel on ceilings can be said to be a classic method, and it is also commonly used in high-end decoration. Now people's living standards are better, and the requirements for room decoration are also high. Many decorations like to use Stainless steel is made on the ceiling of one's own house, it is indeed much brighter than the spatial lines of only the plasterboard ceiling. The stainless steel shape is also more flexible, and we can make different shapes according to our different design styles.

At last

How about it? After reading the wonderful introduction to the stainless steel tile profiles above, do you know a lot of the relevant content of the stainless steel decorative trims. I hope you can learn more about home improvement through this article, so as to create a more perfect home environment. 

There are also PVC, ceramics, marble, aluminum, pure copper and other metal tile trim. The texture, price and durability vary greatly with the thickness of the material and the manufacturing technology. 

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