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Rust Board 2960x970mm

Elevate your architectural endeavors with the Rust Board – a masterpiece born from the fusion of modified clay and stone power. Available in two sizes, 2960x970mm and 3040x1180mm, this remarkable creation boasts a sleek thickness of 3-5mm, striking the perfect balance between durability and sophistication.

The Rust Board finds its true calling in a range of applications, standing as a testament to its versatility. It effortlessly enhances exterior walls, graces park trails with its presence, meanders alongside tranquil canals, and adds a touch of refinement to boardwalks. Its potential knows no bounds.

What truly sets the Rust Board apart is its artistic evolution. Meticulously crafted, each board is an epitome of originality, donning exquisite patterns and textures that exude an authentic, rugged charm. These surfaces are more than just visual delight; they provoke thought and evoke emotions, inviting contemplation and appreciation.

Step into a realm where texture, color, and pattern unite in seamless harmony. Let the Rust Board redefine your perception of what's possible in design. With a commitment to innovation and a nod to the past, this creation promises to be a canvas for your architectural aspirations – where elegance meets endurance, and artistry intertwines with strength.

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Product Description

MaterialModified clay and stone powerSize2960x970mm/3040x1180mm
Color TypeMixed colorApplicationExterior wall,Park trails, Canals, Boardwalks
PackingWooden box/Wooden palletDeliveryWithin 30 Days After Deposit
Loading PortFoshanHS Code681019100

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