How to deal with quality problem?

Firstly, we could not say our quality is 100% perfect, but we have a very strict quality control system. Before each loading, our QC staffs will double check the quality very strictly. According to international trade rules 3% damage rate is acceptable, if more than this rate, we will make compensation of it on your next order.

What is the MOQ of Sintered slabs?

If we have stocks, you can take any quantity as you want. But the price will be more competitive with full container load.

What is delivery time?

If we have stock we can deliver the goods without one week after received deposit. But if no stock, will need to see the production schedule.

How to choose good sintered slab?

1) The anti-pollution ability of the rock slab must meet the requirements. When we go to buy rock slabs, we can wipe some oil stains on the rock slabs. If the oil stains are wiped off easily, it means that the rock slabs have a strong anti-pollution ability.

The wear resistance should be good.

The heat resistance is better. We can use fire to burn. If there is no change in the rock slab, it means that it has excellent heat resistance, with good impact resistance.

How to choose rock slabs with different thicknesses (T)? Where is suitable for use?

T=3mm rock slabs are usually suitable for decorative surfaces of furniture, such as washroom cabinet, door of wardrobes, etc.

T=6mm or 9mm rock slabs, suitable for TV background walls and hall walls

T= 12mm rock slabs are more suitable for coffee table TV cabinets, dining tables, bathroom countertops and bathroom basins, etc.

T=15mm rock slabs, it needs to bear a large weight independently when used on the table or countertop, such as kitchen countertops.

In general, the thickness of the rock slab is selected according to the applications. It is necessary to consider both aesthetics and functionality.

What are the regular sizes of sintered slabs?

Regular sizes are 700x1400mm, 900x1800mm, 900x2650mm, 1200x2650mm, 800x2000mm, 900x2000mm, 1200x2700mm, 1200x2400mm, 1600x2800mm, 1600x3200mm, and 800x2600mm, which mean that the maximum length of sintered stone is 3200mm, and minimum width can be 700mm.

Can you provide samples?

Free samples can be provided for your reference.

Minimum order quantity and delivery date of stainless steel tile trim

The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per style, and the delivery time is 30 days.

What should I do if the stainless steel tile trim is rusty?

Usually use some rust remover to wipe the rusty place, it can be reborn. Stainless steel should also be carefully maintained at ordinary times, and do not wipe it with strong acid or alkali. For details on how to maintain, you can browse the article on this site: "Stainless steel maintenance".

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