Can you provide samples?

Free samples can be provided for your reference.

Minimum order quantity and delivery date of stainless steel tile trim

The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per style, and the delivery time is 30 days.

What should I do if the stainless steel tile trim is rusty?

Usually use some rust remover to wipe the rusty place, it can be reborn. Stainless steel should also be carefully maintained at ordinary times, and do not wipe it with strong acid or alkali. For details on how to maintain, you can browse the article on this site: "Stainless steel maintenance".

My stainless steel tile trim has been found to be a little rusty recently. Is it a quality problem?

Stainless steel tile trim can actually rust, depending on whether they are affected by the environment or foreign objects. Long-term storage in a damp place will also rust, it is recommended to keep it in a dry place. Or it will rust if it is contaminated by certain pollutants. Unless it is a large area, large area of rust, this is considered a quality problem.

Which is better, 304# stainless steel or 316l# stainless steel?

In terms of performance, 316l# stainless steel decoration is more durable and corrosion-resistant, but the price is higher; 304# stainless steel decoration can meet most environmental requirements and are cost-effective. It depends on the applications. For general decorative applications, there is no special environmental impact. 304# stainless steel decoration is enough, and 316l# stainless steel decoration is generally used in harsh environments. So we choose 304#.

How to choose 201# and 304# stainless steel?

201# stainless steel is generally used in interior decoration materials, and the price is relatively low, but it has met the requirements of the use environment. 304# stainless steel is generally used in outdoor environments because the outdoor environment is harsh and easy to rust. However, 304# is recommended for general indoor humid environment.

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