VL10 series 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim 2
VL10 series 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim
VL10MB 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim black mat
VL10PG 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim gold mat
VL10PS 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim matVL10BS 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim silver matVL10MS 10mm L shape aluminum tile trim silver glossy

10mm L shape aluminum tile trim

Grind the corners of the tiles to a sharp 45° and then join each other. However, when the tiles are densely packed, some porcelain collapses are often encountered.

Now there are all kinds of external corner strips on the market, we might as well change it, replace the original corner chamfering closing method of wall tiles with aluminum profiles or metal closing strips, and carry out closing transition. It is not only beautiful but also safer, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of ceramic tile edges collapsing and the situation that the tile edges are sharp and hurt people.

Item No

Product Description

model no.Aluminum profiles 8 10 12 15MM height 2.5/2.6/2.7M Length tile trim tile anglecolor typeMono Color
colorSilver, Gold, Copper, Black, BlueusageFloor, Wall
applicationLiving room,Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining RoomcertificateISO
material featureIntolerant to acid and alkalifeaturebeauty
thickness0.8/1.0special featuresbeauty
tiletile trimdelivery30 days after deposit
free sampleAvailablesurfaceGlossy, Matt, Powder coat
transporation packagePaper boxspecification8, 10, 12, 15mm height
originFOSHANhs code761090000

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In the decoration process, there are many parts involving decorative tile trim of multiple spatial styles. Although edging trim are discontinuous materials in decoration, they are very important. Profiles are used in the joints of different finishes in decoration engineering, such as cross surfaces, interfaces, horizontal planes, butt joints, etc. You can not only divide boundaries and get close to the edge, but also play a role in connection and fixation.

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