Stone mosaic water jet-Arc

Mosaic water jet can fully express the designer's modeling and design inspiration, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality. Therefore, it is widely used in hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, villas and other home walls and floors. It has gradually evolved from traditional small stone grains to be made of shells, tiles, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials. Mosaic can vividly interpret the temperament of the material. When decorating places, it can be used as an embellishment material for other decoration materials, or it can be used in a large area for background walls. Mosaic has gone from the ancient Roman era to our modern life and bloomed its splendor.

Item No

Product Description

styleluxury styleloading portFoshan port
size399.4x300.7x8mmroomliving room, bed room,kitchen,bathroom,public place
tile bodystone  

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