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Gobi Rammed Earth Board 1200x3000mm

Introducing Gobi Rammed Earth Boards, a sustainable and versatile building material that combines the natural allure of rammed earth with modern innovation. Crafted from modified clay and stone powder, these boards are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. With dimensions of 1200x3000mm and a thickness ranging from 3 to 5mm, they are designed for use in a wide range of architectural and design applications, suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Gobi Rammed Earth Boards offer a host of compelling features. They boast exceptional durability, with resistance to wear, weather, and UV radiation, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Their natural aesthetics bring a touch of rustic charm to any space, while their thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties enhance comfort. Additionally, these boards are fire-resistant and can be easily customized to fit specific design requirements. By choosing Gobi Rammed Earth Boards, you not only create beautiful and enduring designs but also contribute to sustainable construction practices, making a positive impact on the environment.

Item No

Product Description

MaterialModified clay and stone powerSize1200x3000mm
Color TypeMixed colorApplicationExterior wall,Park trails, Canals, Boardwalks
PackingWooden box/Wooden palletDeliveryWithin 30 Days After Deposit
Loading PortFoshanHS Code681019100

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