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Why the mirror is so important to a life?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? This is not just a dialogue from a fairy tale, but also from our daily life. Before we leave our home to start a day, all we would dress up ourselves in front of the mirror. We can choose different shape, different function, different material of a mirror according to your personal needs and the places you want to put, such as in the bedroom for makeup, in the bathroom for wash up, in the dressing room for dress up......

With the changes and development of the times, LED mirrors have become more and more common, more and more diversified and multifunctional. Lets start to improve our life from improving the mirror world.

What is LED mirror?

LED is light-emitting diode. And LED mirror is a common name of LED light-emitting mirrors which can emit light through LED lights. There are two main types of LED mirrors: one is a mirror with an externally visible LED light strip, and the other is a mirror with a hidden LED light strip. The difference between them is whether you can see the LED light strip, and the one that can't see the light strip is the mirror of the hidden LED light strip.

Here please find the compared photos as below:

 A mirror with an externally visible LED light strip

A mirror with a hidden LED light strip

Shapes of LED mirrors

Here SUNVIN can offer many shapes of the mirrors, included normal shapes in round, rectangle, square and special customized style:

1. Round LED mirrors 

Its easy installation and the possibility of buying a mirror in several different diameters make it one of the most interesting options when facing a low-budget decoration project.

Our round led mirrors also have frames of different finishes and in many cases, cheaper than other models, we have them in stainless steel, aluminum, wood and even with mosaic frames.

The lighting of the round mirrors can be of several styles: Perimeter, frontal light or backlit to create different environments.

The backlit mirrors with led light give a very special touch of warmth and appreciated by space designers and interior decorators.

Backlighting is a type of indirect lighting hidden behind mirrors so that light can be seen through a diffuser, or by reflecting it off walls or ceilings. This characteristic creates a continuous, regular and shadowless lighting effect, in which there are no reflections or glare.

Your bathroom will change completely with a mirror with LED light. In addition to providing excellent lighting, this decorative mirror will provide a modern and daring style that no conventional model can offer. Its optional accessories allow you to personalize it and make it unique. The light source of this LED bathroom mirror is energy efficient, and its useful life is enormously long, around 50,000 hours. This is an opportunity not to be missed to enjoy the latest technology in the bathroom. You won't believe the options this modern front light mirror has.

2. Rectangle/square LED mirrors

Rectangular or square LED mirrors are simple and atmospheric, which can more effectively use space and save space. It is suitable for use in large or small spaces. Generally, the bathroom or closet next to the closet in the home is rectangular, because the rectangular shape can be more integrated into the home The pattern makes you feel that the mirror should be there.

3. Special customized design

We can make LED mirrors according to the needs of customers, so that you can have a unique mirror of your own. Here are some of the designs that we did for customers:

What should I do if there is fog on the bathroom mirror?

I think everyone has a similar experience: after taking a shower, there was a lot of mist on the mirror, and nothing was seen at that time. The fog in the mirror in the bathroom not only affects the practical use, but also causes the mirror to be dirty. Then, what should we do?

Method 1: Use potato or sweet potato

Cut the potato sweet potato into slices and attach the whole mirror. The principle is to use the starch in potatoes to isolate the mirror from the fog. But the problem is that, it is limited by the color and concentration of starch, you have not been able to see yourself clearly in the mirror, only an contour. But it is better than nothing can be seen.

Method 2: Use the candle

Use a candle to smear one side in a single direction. After a few minutes, wipe it off with a soft rag. This method has a very good effect on our mirror for anti-fog, but one thing to note is that the candle will leave a trace on the mirror.

Method 3: Use anti-fog coating

Most swimmers will know the anti-fog coating. As long as we apply an anti-fog coating on swimming goggles, we don’t worry about fogging during swimming and affecting the vision. Similarly, these anti-fog coatings can also be applied to on our mirror. Anti-fog coatings have always been a focus of research by many manufacturers. This coating can provide a very good anti-fog effect. Anti-fog coatings prevent fog by forming water droplets on the glass surface, relying entirely on the physical effects of anti-fog coatings. This method is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Method 4: Heated mirror

In fact, there is a better choice than above three methods. Buy a LED bathroom mirror with a defogger, which can both defog and emit light.

The most effective atomization method is to reduce the temperature difference by heating the mirror surface by itself.  If there is no mist, it is anti-atomization, and the defogging time is related to the heating power. But there are two points need to note: 

First, if the heating power is too large and the temperature changes too quickly, it may cause the mirror to break.

Second, we must do a good job of leakage protection, if you touch it with your hands in water, it is very dangerous.

5 steps to Install the Bathroom Anti-fog Mirror

How to install the LED mirror?                      

There are five steps:

Step 1: Installation height of the LED mirror

The LED mirror should be at least 130 cm along the ground. If the height difference between family members is relatively large, you can adjust it up and down. Try to keep your face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect will be better.

Step 2: Fixing method of glass glue

If you choose glass glue to fix the mirror, do be careful not to use acid glass glue. You should choose neutral glue. Acid glass glue usually reacts with the material on the back of the mirror, causing the mirror to appear mottled. It is best to do a compatibility test before applying glue to see if the glue is compatible with the material.

Step 3: Fixing method of LED mirror

First, measure the hook distance that is behind the mirror and mark on the wall, then punch holes at the mark. If the wall is fixed by ceramic or porcelain tile, you need to drill holes in the tiles with a glass drill, then use a hammer to hit 300mm, then screw 300mm self-tapping screws, and finally hang the mirror.

Step 4: LED bathroom mirror installation

LED mirrors normally have good lighting, so the front light or the side of the mirror is necessary. When installing the mirror headlights, pay attention to prevent glare. It is best to install a lampshade or choose a lamp with a frosted glass surface to avoid inconvenience.

Step 5: Punch holes to protect the wall

Be careful not to damage the wall while you install the mirror. Especially when you hang a mirror on a wall that is fixed by ceramic or porcelain tile, try to punch holes in the joints of the material to avoid damaging the wall.

How to maintain?

In daily life, bathroom is used frequently. The bathroom is not only an important part of the home decoration, but also directly related to the family's daily cleaning and physical health. Most bathrooms have a mirror. Especially for families with female members, be sure to look in the mirror before going out every day. There are nine ways to make the bathroom mirror shine forever:

1. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the mirror frequently. Because the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, the mirror has been in a damp state for a long time. If frequently wiped with a damp cloth, it will cause the mirror to appear black spots prematurely.

2. Normally, be careful not to drop chemicals containing grease, acid, etc. on the mirror. Because these chemicals can cause chemical reactions and shorten the service life of the mirror.

3. When cleaning the mirror, please use a clean and dry cloth or cotton cloth. For the edge area, we can wipe with water.

4. When you find stains on the edge of the mirror, especially the gap between the mirror and the wall, you can use a dry soft cloth dampened with kerosene to clean the stained area.

5. In fact, the mirror is like a human face, it can also be maintained with milk. You can use the expired milk or the remaining drinking milk, use a dry soft cloth, cotton or even a cotton pad to soak the milk, and wipe the mirror to make the mirror brighter.

6. Ordinary detergent not only can remove oil stains, but also the main maintenance tool for bathroom mirrors. While keeping the mirror surface dry, put the cleaner on a dry cloth to wipe the mirror surface, which can prevent mildew and prevent condensation on the mirror surface.

7. Toothpaste or soap also has an excellent decontamination effect while keeping the mirror shiny.

8. For female users, astringent lotion can also be used to maintain the mirror. Applying the astringent lotion on a dry cloth and wiping can provide excellent maintenance effect.

9. Blotting paper is also a good choice. It can also be used for wiping, and the decontamination effect is also obvious.

We need to pay attention to the use and cleaning of bathroom mirrors in our daily lives. According to the bathroom mirror maintenance method introduced above, your bathroom mirror can be bright and durable.

Improve your life, improve the "mirror world"

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