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Ridged Stone 2950x670mm

Introducing the exceptional Ridged Stone – a masterpiece crafted from a fusion of modified clay and stone power, meticulously designed to redefine aesthetics. With dimensions of 2950x670mm and a sleek thickness ranging from 3 to 5mm, this remarkable creation finds its forte in elevating exterior walls, park trails, canals, and boardwalks to new heights of elegance.

Ridged Stone's versatility extends far beyond its material composition and dimensions. This architectural marvel transcends conventional applications, seamlessly integrating into spaces that demand a touch of sophistication. Picture it adorning the walls of bustling shopping malls, enhancing the ambiance of clothing boutiques, or gracing the serene atmosphere of teahouses. The result is an environment that effortlessly exudes an air of thoughtful design, creating a haven of comfort and style for discerning consumers.

Incorporating Ridged Stone is more than a design choice – it's an experience. It's the artistry of blending nature's elements into the built environment, a symphony of textures that invites tactile exploration. As each panel finds its place, a transformation occurs, turning mundane surfaces into canvases of expression. With Ridged Stone, the realms of design and consumer experience converge, igniting spaces with an enduring allure that resonates deeply with those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Product Description

MaterialModified clay and stone powerSize2950x670mm
Color TypeMixed colorApplicationExterior wall,Park trails, Canals, Boardwalks
PackingWooden box/Wooden palletDeliveryWithin 30 Days After Deposit
Loading PortFoshanHS Code681019100

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