The Grand Event of Sintered Stone∣UNICERAMICS EXPO 2023


On April 15th, 2023 Foshan UNICERAMICS EXPO officially opened. China's top ceramic companies showed their latest products and concepts. As an annual event in the ceramic industry, this exhibition has attracted 600+ corporate headquarters to participate in the exhibition, and thousands of products have been unveiled. From the latest product development trends, application trends, and service trends, the entire chain has been opened up. Famous companies such as Marco Polo,SUNVIN CERAMICS, Guanzhu, Hongyu, Monlisa,, Xinzhongyuan, iNOL, Summit, Snow Wolf and other famous companies have displayed sintered stone, and the following will introduce you one by one .



With the advent of the customization era, how to provide consumers with save worry and labor-saving one-stop delivery services for slabs has always been the focus of Marco Polo slabs.

In 2022, Marco Polo Slab will launch the "whole house quick installation integrated system", including SK fine paving seamless, micro-seam paving system and composite card slot type dry paving quick installation system, which can realize the whole process of worry-free delivery to consumers . On April 15th, during the 2023 Tanzhou Ceramics Exhibition, Marco Polo Slabs held the "Service Forward, Quality Up" Marco Polo Slabs Ecological Cooperation Conference. In order to further lay out the slate market, open up the delivery chain, and explore a set of solutions for application design, System solutions for process problems such as customized processing, paving and landing, and resource integration. Solve the "last mile" delivery problem of porcelain slabs, and create a better living space for more consumers.


Marco polo porcelain slabs



SUNVIN CERAMICS is a professional sintered stone manufacturer, specializing in the production of sintered stone and sintered stone furniture applications, with a wide range of specifications and sizes, positioning young and fashionable international. Introduced a complete set of production equipment from Italy, which has excellent performance in many aspects such as density, molding accuracy, and uniformity of bulk density.


sunvin sintered stone



In this theme exhibition, Guanzhu takes the large space as the boundary, and uses simple and beautiful large-scale products to create a cohesive space scene. Here, 100+ GUANZHU products break through the traditional use of walls and floors, and are innovatively applied to cabinets, tabletops, cabinet finishes, and even art works. People's unconstrained ideas about beautiful spaces come true here one by one. .

By integrating the supply chain of all categories, GUANZHU links the characteristics of products with the functional requirements of life, and continuously and stably outputs multi-standard, multi-color, and multi-craft functional home products for users in response to the growing home needs of users. It fully covers the user's requirements for the application of different space scenarios. In this exhibition, GUANZHU brought 100+ slate products, providing users with a variety of space options.


guanzhu porcelain slabsguanzhu sintered stone



As sintered stone enterprise, the most eye-catching feature of MERQI slab’s theme exhibition is the curved surface application of 1600×3200×3mm large-scale ultra-thin soft polished slate. The "key technology of multi-dimensional curved slabs" has been appraised to reach the international leading level. Excellent product technology and exquisite application technology represent the advanced and cutting-edge technical level in the field of slabs. MERQI is not only committed to providing first-class slate products for users who pursue a high-quality life, but also to providing overall solutions for slabs home applications. In this exhibition, MERQI displayed Quanyan's customized dining tables, islands, cabinets and other products. These products are not only exquisite in workmanship and outstanding in texture, but also represent the future direction of home furnishing products.


monalisa porcelain slabsmonalisa sintered stone



In this exhibition, Hongyu made a shocking appearance with the theme of "grow together". In terms of booth design, Hongyu has arranged the display products in a matrix, echoing the space application, tightly surrounding the center of the entire exhibition hall, and highlighting the core of the product. The overall shape of the booth achieves rich visual effects and enhances the spatial level through technology, art, lighting and lines.

In the product display, Hongyu brought the latest product series, including: Star Diamond Series III, Magnificent Stone 2, Unbounded Stone, Textured Stone, Star Pattern Luxury Brick, etc.


hongyu porcelain slabshongyu sintered stone



In this year's exhibition, iNOL took "The Great Slate Case" as the exhibition theme, demonstrated the finished product delivery of slate bathroom cabinets and new slate products and application displays, reflecting the overall solution of slate from product, application to landing delivery.

In order to meet the consumption needs of users with integrated home furnishing customization, iNOL has built a more scientific product scale structure. In terms of product display, this time, iNOL displayed a series of new products such as textured wall coverings and textured rocks, presenting the beauty of high-level nature with realistic and three-dimensional details and textured surfaces.


inol porcelain slabsinol sintered stone



With the theme of "Home in the Post-Era", Xinzhongyuan brings simple and trendy life propositions to the audience. In terms of product display, Xinzhongyuan unveiled a variety of new products with a simple aesthetic style, including: "JIAN" series, "Jin" series, etc. At the same time, there was also an exhibition of prefabricated decoration techniques.

Among them, the "JIAN" series is based on marble texture, and the micro-grain treatment weakens the feeling of coldness and hardness, making it soft and skin-friendly, wear-resistant and anti-fouling; the "JIN" series is inspired by silk satin, Realistic marble texture coupled with a sense of continuity of random patterns creates a delicate and gorgeous effect.


newzhongyuan porcelain slabsnewzhongyuan sintered stone



At this exhibition, Snow Wolf exhibited dry grain fully polished glossy surface, fine matte surface, fine sand dry grained matte surface, deep glaze/fine carved glaze (matte), soft silky surface, digital mold surface/digital The latest craft products such as engraving (matte), the specifications cover 900×2600(mm), 800×2600(mm), 1200×2700(mm), 1200×3000(mm), 1600×3200(mm), etc.

Relying on strong production capacity and R&D innovation, Snow Wolf has launched ceramic tile and sintered stone products, large slabs, full-body marble tiles, and interior wall tiles. The slabs products include special slabs for continuous grain, full-size furniture slabs, wall and floor slabs, countertop slabs and other full-scenario applications.

Snow Wolf has introduced 40,000-ton Italian Sacmi presses, Henglitai five-layer high-efficiency self-circulation drying kiln, intelligent CNC polishing system, and adopted System digital inkjet equipment and Itema plus imported glazes. Smart digital fabrics, SOFTTUCH micron-level digital glaze and other technologies have formed a digital, intelligent, and automated production line across the board.


snowwolf porcelain slabssnowwolf sintered stone



In this exhibition, Summit took "MASTER to explore the star world" as the theme, and traveled through the "six planets" through the brand mascot SAM, thus integrating different types of star products, showing the experience and patented technology of different products.

In the product display, Summit specially created a display space for Doraemon officially authorized and jointly designed by the famous Taiwanese designer Shao Weiyan, mainly focusing on space adventure series products. In addition, Summit showed the Infinity Series, which focuses on tight stitching effects, with an innovative specification of 1200×1800 (mm), which can achieve precision delivery of <0.5mm continuous stitching and tight stitching. There are 3 texture designs to adapt to a variety of spaces.


summit porcelain slabssummit sintered stone



At the booth of Shunhui Tiancheng Slabs, you can see its 2023 spring new products, including: industrial style series, marble series, luxury stone series, etc. In terms of product specifications, the specifications on display include: 1000×2000( mm), 1200×2600(mm), etc.

At the same time, Shunhui Tiancheng slabs explored new possibilities for sintered stone customization and future home furnishings through the display of door-wall integration and other systems.   


shunhui porcelain slabs shunhui sintered stone



In this exhibition, the theme of New Pearl Slab is "Avant-Garde Space Station", and the design concept of the exhibition hall continues the design idea of "Space Station" of New Pearl Slab. The iconic "Emperor Gold" slate wall is equipped with a front desk of the new pearl slate hot-bending process, imitating the space design of the space capsule, and presenting the visual effects of cutting-edge technology.

In terms of product display, New Pearl brings the 900×1800(mm) "Time Marble" series, which has unique texture levels and special micro-molding technology.


new pearl porcelain slabsnew pearl sintered stone



In this year's exhibition, Oceano took "Details, Strength +" as the theme, and brought the audience a journey of detail craftsmanship. In the product display, Oceano exhibited a variety of new slate products with three-dimensional texture surface and particle surface. The product styles include: new style, modern cement, and characteristic stone pattern; specifications: 800×2600 (mm), 900×1800 (mm), etc., the thickness includes: 9mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, etc.

In addition, Oceano also has A+ grade close-seam tiles and self-developed precision close-seam paving technology, so that the audience can feel Shennuo's profound detail craft culture and brand spirit of continuous exploration and bold innovation.


oceano porcelain slabsoceano sintered stone



This time, in terms of booth design, KINSYOMA created a starry sky dreamer-themed pavilion, combined with the starry sky camping effect to fill the audience's sense of experience.

In the product display, 2 series of high-quality products and full-scenario applications of Jinsyuma K Gold Starry Sky Slab and K Gold Slab were also fully unveiled. Specifications include: 900×1800 (mm), 800×2600 (mm), 1200×2700 (mm) etc.


kinsyoma porcelain slabskinsyoma sintered stone

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