The Secret Behind the "High Price" Shower Room

When selling shower rooms, many people often have such questions, this shower room is just a metal frame with a piece of glass, why is it so expensive? what is the difference? Where is it expensive? Today, I will explain to you why the shower room is so "expensive".

First of all, we need to know the components of the shower room. It is composed of glass, metal frame rails (stainless steel, aluminum alloy), hardware connectors, handles, and water retaining strips. Let's talk about them one by one.

After talking about the components of the shower room, let's first understand the structure. This is the most important point, where the price gap is the most.

Push-pull shower room and hinge shower room

A. Push-pull shower room

①How does the glass slide? There are two types of glass on the market.

The following is a unilateral wheel                                                                                 The force is like this

shower room shower room glass
aluminum frame shower glass

The second is a bilateral wheel structure. This structure is relatively strong and not easy to derail. This will cause the least damage to the wheels and is the safest.

The stress situation is like this                                                                                          It is recommended to buy this type

wheel force shower room designs Shower room design


②Is the glass only being pulled by the wheels and not by other forces? Most of the manufacturers on the market (that is, cheaper sellers, and we don’t consider sellers with inflated prices) will press the aluminum to the glass in the fixed position (push and pull while fixing).

Force Shower room size

Over a long period of time, the glass is easy to be crushed and exploded. Some manufacturers can give you thicker glass at will. The aluminum material is subjected to overload pressure for a long time, which will cause deformation, the wheels are easy to fall off, and there is no way to always fit the aluminum material.


③Structural Causes of Glass Burst

Dividing line

Misuse by user                                                                The shaking is relatively large                                                                         Wheels become loose

Such as: fast and vigorous  opening and closing, the  wheels will derail and theglass will burst when it touches the ground.

The wheels do not fit well enough with the aluminum.

It refers to the distance between the upper and lower wheels. Using this, the glass can be adjusted up and down. If it is tightened, the glass will not come out, but if it is loosened, it will come out easily.


The fit between the wheels and the track should be high. Good manufacturers design their own wheels, and then make a mold according to this set of wheels, so that the fit between the wheels and the track is high.


The general manufacturers buy aluminum materials produced in large quantities by others, and then match them with more suitable wheels. The wheels and profiles are purchased separately. When the fit is good, the smoothness and quietness can be greatly improved. Optimization. Like the high-quality structure just released, there is no way for the glass to fall off unless the glass itself breaks.


There are many common manufacturers with double-sided wheels that don’t fit very well, feel even worse than single-sided wheels, and make a lot of noise, but at least you don’t have to worry about the wheels getting off the track.


B. Hinge shower room

Hinge shower room is mainly ~ hinge! Each hinge has its own bearing capacity. Without reasonable calculations and experiments, it is the most common (especially for hotels) to cause the glass to sag and burst when it touches the ground. Also, the opening method, basically the glass of the hinge is open vacancy and open hole,

that's how it is:

Accessories opening method Shower room price

It is worth noting that tempered glass cannot be opened, so this step needs to be done before glass tempering. That is to say, after opening the hole and opening the gap, it will be tempered.


The high-end shower room is perforated. The main advantage is to reduce the gap between the hinge and the glass, thereby reducing the sagging space and reducing the self-explosion rate.


open vacancy hinge                                                                                                             open hole hinge

glass opening Shower room door Modern shower room design glass opening

The above are things that are relatively easy to see, and there are many things that cannot be seen but are very important. The processing of the following details has greatly reduced the self-explosion rate of the glass, and improved the feel and aesthetics.

Dividing line

Reduce the gap between the screw   and the hole                         Hidden magnetic strip                                                                            Magnetic stripe               

Many manufacturers just add rubber pads, and well-known manufacturers have their own methods, which can make the screws and holes nearly zero gap.
The anti-aging of the magnetic strip, 
the strips of many manufacturers will turn yellow after two or three years, and the good manufacturers will not turn yellow after many years of use.
 The sealing strip between   the glass  doors   should be   magnetic, the  water blocking   performance will be better.


Now we understand the structure, let's start to understand its various parts.

composition Modern shower room designs


  • Toughened glass

which belongs to the grade of automotive toughened glass. After the glass is broken, the angles of the fragments are obtuse angles without sharp edges, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of ordinary glass. Therefore, the quality requirements of tempered glass are high, and the particle size requirements after the tempered glass is broken: within the range of 50×50mm, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm——≥40 grains; others——≥30 grains.
Shower room idea
Shower room images 3c glass
  • Safety glass

Note: The top ten tempered glass brands are: CSG SG, Yaopi, Jinjing G-CRYSTAL, Xinyi Glass XYG, Diamond Glass, NorthGlass, Taiwan Glass, Grant Glass, AVIC Special Glass, Wuhua Tianbao Glass, etc.

  • Common thickness

The common thickness of glass is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. 8mm is enough, 6mm can also be used, 10mm and 12mm are generally available for high-end models, it is not necessary to use such a thick (aluminum) thickness should be increased accordingly).


Shower room image 3C tempered glass
  • Explosion-proof glass

Explosion-proof glass is a layer of glue applied between two layers of glass. Once it is impacted by an external force, the glass will only crack like a spider web and will not shatter. That is called explosion-proof, but tempered glass does not have explosion-proof function. The mid-to-high-end brands on the market will have explosion-proof membranes, even if there is a burst, it will not cause serious harm to people.


Note: After the film is applied, the glass will explode by itself or after being hit by a major impact, it will only crack but not explode, which effectively protects personal safety!


Unqualified tempering will cause obvious water ripples and low flatness on the glass. Unqualified tempering will cause the glass to burst, the particles will be larger, the probability of causing harm to people will increase, and the environment where the temperature difference of the glass is too large It will increase the chance of self-explosion (this is why the balcony glass is easy to self-explosion).

However, the self-explosion of the shower room is not due to the temperature difference, but the problem of the product's own structure. The processing of the glass will also affect the glass. The distance between the glass drilling hole and the distance between the holes will lead to changes in the self-explosion rate. The unavoidable and safest way is to add anti-riot film!


  • Nano glass

It is self-cleaning glass.  The contrast between before and after use is obvious.
You can ask the factory to help make the nano glass before leaving the factory. You can also buy a shower room and go back to buy nano glass water online, and spray it later, it can also be realized. Can effectively reduce cleaning time by 90%.

Shower room meaning

Metal frame material (stainless steel, aluminum ):

Aluminum frame

Shower room design

Thickness and structure are important factors affecting price.

Note: The thickness of aluminum should be at least 1.2mm. In addition, each brand must be divided into high, medium and low grades, which may range from 1.2mm to 2.0mm, and 3.0mm. The thicker the stronger, the thicker the higher the price. The upper rail is the hanging glass aluminum material, and the thickness must be at least 1.5mm or more.

Stainless steel+aluminum frame

Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness of the aluminum alloy, the more expensive it is, and the tighter the structure, the more expensive it is. If it is covered with a layer of stainless steel, the price will be higher.

Note: The stainless steel frame is generally 1mm, 1.2mm thick, and some manufacturers make 0.78mm, 0.98mm.

frame Shower room definition

Stainless steel frame

Shower room supplier frame

The performance of 304 stainless steel is better than that of aluminum alloy. Why is 304 stainless steel cheaper than aluminum alloy in some places? It is difficult to process stainless steel at right angles, so it depends on whether the mechanism after processing is reliable, and it is also possible to use relatively poor materials on the glass.


Shower room suppliers wheel materialShower room manufacturer Pulley material

ABS pulley

On the market, most of them are made of ABS plastic. The best way to judge is to push and pull the handle on the spot. Generally speaking, the more you can feel the relaxation, the smoother the sound, the quieter it is, it is the top grade.

Stainless steel pulley

The new version also has this kind of stainless steel wheel, with a quiet material attached in the middle, so the opening and closing sound is relatively small.

Shower room factory  Narrow bezelShower room supplier

Note: This is the most popular extremely narrow edge in China, generally 4.0, 4.5cm, and some even 1.5cm. This ABS pulley can be used for this style of shower room.

Note: This visible stainless steel pulley is not very common in the Chinese market. But it is more popular in Europe and America.

Connect wall clip

Accessories Wet room design

Connecting wall material (wall clamp) is the aluminum material connecting the shower room and the wall, because the inclination of the wall and the offset of the installation will cause the glass of the connecting wall to be distorted, resulting in glass self-explosion. Therefore, even the wall material should have the adjustment function in the vertical and horizontal directions, so that the aluminum material can match the distortion of the wall and installation, eliminate the distortion of the glass, and avoid the self-explosion of the glass.


Wet room designs Accessories

In terms of appearance, the shower room handle has a variety of shapes, which is enough to meet the choices of different bathroom styles. In terms of material, ordinary household shower room handles are commonly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy.

304 stainless steel handles are superior to zinc alloy in terms of corrosion resistance and durability, but the shape is relatively single and the price is higher.

Zinc alloy is easier to process, and products with radians and curves can be processed, and after zinc alloy is electroplated, its corrosion resistance is sufficient, and the price is cheaper than stainless steel handles.

Water strip

  • PVC hollow water retaining strip
Wet room price PVC water retaining strip
  • PVC solid water retaining strip
Wet room door PVC water retaining strip

Since the water retaining strip is not a load-bearing part of the shower room, the requirements for strength and hardness are not high, and artificial stone and PVC materials are recommended for ordinary households. Artificial stone and PVC are easy to process, and can be made into shapes such as inline and arc shapes according to the style of the shower room, and can also be made into various imitation stone colors, which is cost-effective.


Wet room images  solid base



Divided into solid and hollow.
The solid bottom basin is directly attached to the ground, and it is generally made of special materials to keep warm. It is recommended not to choose a solid bottom basin after decoration, because the drainage of the solid bottom basin cannot be adjusted; the hollow shower room chassis is suitable for the renovated house , the height from the ground can be adjusted freely, this design makes the bottom basin relatively dry and clean.

Another advantage of the shower room with a bottom basin is that it can effectively prevent the bathroom from leaking. If the bathroom is not waterproof, you must choose a shower room with a bottom basin. The shower room with a bottom basin allows the water to flow directly into the bathroom when taking a bath. floor drain. However, the quality of the bottom basin of the shower room should be selected better, because it is more troublesome to remove the shower room once it is installed. Basin price will be slightly higher.


Don't keep thinking about why a few pieces of glass are worthless and why they are so expensive. Hidden costs such as intermediate logistics damage, installation, service, and technology also need to be considered.

Read the article here, do you know why the price of the shower room is high? If you have any questions about the shower room, you can contact Sunvin Ceramics at any time, our email is We also provide sanitary equipment such as bathtubs, jacuzzi, bathroom cabinets, toilets, squat toilets, faucets, tiles, porcelain slab and other building materials, welcome to consult.

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