What is the Ceramic Border Tiles?

As the name suggests, the Ceramic Border Tiles is a decorative line in the middle of the wall, generally at a position of 0.8 to 1.2 meters from the ground. The role of the Ceramic Border Tiles is just like people need to wear a belt and jewelry to set off the taste in fashion. It can enhance the beauty of the wall and is an indispensable embellishment. The small detail of the Ceramic Border Tiles is a decoration that has become popular since the early 1990s.

Ceramic Border Tiles is an important part of ceramic tile supporting products. In the high-end home decoration design, the matching project of Ceramic Border Tiles also plays a very key role. The complete matching Ceramic Border Tiles can play a perfect embellishment effect for house decoration, which is crucial Important and indispensable steps.

Generally, only one decorative line is used on the wall of the indoor space, which is arranged at a position of 0.8 meters to 1.2 meters from the ground, also known as the Ceramic Border Tiles. The outer wall is generally the upper or lower edge of the window, which is made into a long horizontal strip, which can achieve a good decorative effect, and can also highlight or inlay the lines on the wall. Ceramic Border Tiles are mainly made of ceramics, resin, metal (aluminum strips, stainless steel strips), glass and other materials. Metal Ceramic Border Tiles are mainly used in the decoration of large buildings, and ceramics and resin materials are mainly used in homes.

Glass borders general Ceramic Border Tiles

The size of the tile Ceramic Border Tiles

At present, the size of the common tile Ceramic Border Tiles is mainly 250mm, 300mm, 330mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm in length, and the width ranges from 8mm to 330mm. The height standard of the Ceramic Border Tiles depends on the wall you use. The size of the brick is determined, and the height of the Ceramic Border Tiles of a general family is about 0.8m~1.2m.


And with the change of home style, the Ceramic Border Tiles has also evolved a variety of collocations.

Classic thin Ceramic Border Tiles, modern vertical Ceramic Border Tiles; creative double Ceramic Border Tiles or multi-color mixed Ceramic Border Tiles.

Thin Ceramic Border Tiles

Thin Ceramic Border Tiles is generally a relatively common Ceramic Border Tiles. The thin Ceramic Border Tiles is a matching product that most people are more likely to accept. The thin Ceramic Border Tiles gives people a more uniform feeling. In the elegant bathroom space, the appearance of the thin Ceramic Border Tiles Delicate and elegant, just like a girl's thin belt, it is unassuming and eye-catching.

The thin Ceramic Border Tiles serves as an embellishment, mainly to make the overall look more harmonious.

The thin Ceramic Border Tiles visually simplifies the complex, seemingly careless, but uses long and continuous lines to circle the rhythm of space.

Choose a thin Ceramic Border Tiles that is visually neat and simple, and in the same color as the space, to create a delicate and elegant style. It is easier to create a bright and lively atmosphere by choosing a thin Ceramic Border Tiles that "collides" with the space or has a large color difference.

Thin Ceramic Border Tiles 10x600Thin glass Border Tiles hot-selling

Thick Ceramic Border Tiles

The main feature of the thick Ceramic Border Tiles is that the patterns and patterns are slightly larger. The length of the thick Ceramic Border Tiles is longer and the width is wider. The thick Ceramic Border Tiles is very suitable for home decoration with thick ink and heavy colors. It is a very personalized product. Use thick Ceramic Border Tiles The effect of paving is very visually impactful.

The use of thick Ceramic Border Tiles can make the visual effect more prominent; choosing Ceramic Border Tiles with large differences in color and texture can highlight the space division effect. It is a good way to divide the functional areas of the space.

Outer wall ceramic borders rich sizes

Carved Ceramic Border Tiles

The carved Ceramic Border Tiles will give people a gorgeous feeling, so it is more commonly used in the space of retro design.

The carved Ceramic Border Tiles matching the color of the wall emphasizes the unity of the whole, and the concave and convex carved texture also interprets the exquisiteness and taste of the owner.

In addition to the most basic Ceramic Border Tiles matching above, we can also use some other methods to achieve the same effect as the Ceramic Border Tiles.

Carved Ceramic Border Tiles rich designs

Decorative tile Ceramic Border Tiles

The tile Ceramic Border Tiles is to use tiles to achieve the effect of separation. This is the softest but most embellishing decoration method in the decoration scheme. It makes the original "plain face facing the sky" wall instantly alive and injects vitality into the space. A unique freshness.

Decorative tile Ceramic Border Tiles rich sizes

Vertical Ceramic Border Tiles

While the vertical Ceramic Border Tiles breaks the rules, it not only has a good extension effect, but also saves more materials than horizontal laying.

The vertical Ceramic Border Tiles makes the lines of the space smoother and can also enhance the visual extension and achieve a stronger sense of modernity.

Vertical Ceramic Border Tiles customized designs

Mixed paving Ceramic Border Tiles

Mixed paving Ceramic Border Tiles is a part of home decoration that can be very creative.

The design of double Ceramic Border Tiles or multiple Ceramic Border Tiles is not only novel but also can enrich the space changes. The upper and lower Ceramic Border Tiles echo each other, dividing the transition zone in the middle and increasing the layering of the wall. It is also a popular style in recent years to choose different materials or colors for splicing to form a segmented area similar to the Ceramic Border Tiles.

According to the different paving methods, the Ceramic Border Tiles is mainly divided into vertical Ceramic Border Tiles and horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles.

Ceramic Border Tiles not only have horizontal lines, but also vertical lines. In the past two years, due to the needs of decoration and decoration, some irregular Ceramic Border Tiles have been born.

Mixed paving Ceramic Border Tiles many colors

Horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles

The horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles is usually arranged horizontally around the wall surface. Although its form of expression is relatively simple, it is enough to play its unique role. When laying the horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles, it should be paved at a position higher than the ground. , generally at a position of 0.8 meters to 1.2 meters from the ground.

Horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles many sizes

Vertical Ceramic Border Tiles

The vertical Ceramic Border Tiles is usually arranged vertically around the wall. The vertical Ceramic Border Tiles is very individual and creative, and it is a breakthrough in traditional visual and space applications. The vertical Ceramic Border Tiles provides a variety of individual choices for ordinary home decoration. The method of paving the vertical Ceramic Border Tiles and the selection of the location of the paving are also relatively flexible. Even multiple vertical Ceramic Border Tiless can be paved on the wall, and the location of the paving is not limited by regulations and standards.

The vertical Ceramic Border Tiles is a new category following the horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles. In the past, the Ceramic Border Tiles was always laid horizontally, but in many decorations in recent years, the design of the Ceramic Border Tiles has broken the routine and followed the vertical laying route. Compared with the horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles, the vertical Ceramic Border Tiles will be smoother in line, and save more material than the horizontal Ceramic Border Tiles. In the choice of patterns, the vertical Ceramic Border Tiles that is bright, attractive, cultural or modern is the best choice.

Vertical Ceramic Border Tiles colorful

Because of its magical paving effect, the vertical Ceramic Border Tiles can be called: space magic.

In addition to playing a decorative role, the Ceramic Border Tiles can also play a protective role. For example, in some home decorations, we often see Ceramic Border Tiless specially made for mirrors. By decorating the four sides of the mirror, a frame-in-mirror effect is created. This kind of Ceramic Border Tiles can not only play a decorative effect, so that the mirror will not look too abrupt when hung on the wall, but also can play a good role in protecting the mirror itself, so that the mirror will not be so easily broken.

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