Wonderful uses of Customized Kitchen Cabinets

A warm favorite kitchen can bring you the joy of cooking and love the fireworks at home.

What is the customized kitchen cabinet.

Custom kitchen cabinets are scientific and efficient kitchen carefully customized for each family's different living habits, eating habits and different family patterns. So that the kitchen is no longer a hell that can never be cleaned up at home, but a little cleaning can become the warmth of heaven. 
A modern, clean and tidy kitchen is one of the most important parts of our house. But it's not easy to have such a kitchen. When decorating the kitchen, did you encounter such problems: the kitchen area is too small to fit the refrigerator? As the load-bearing column of the house is in the middle of the kitchen, it hinders the space, and don't know how to avoid it. The kitchen house type is too strange, and the cabinets are difficult to made? 

In fact, as long as you customize the cabinets for your kitchen, you can solve all these problems—which can not only be made according to your size and shape, but also be consistent with other furniture styles in your house. Let's take a look at how the customized kitchen cabinets do it.

Compare with the ordinary cabinets, customized kitchen cabinets have three great knacks.

Knack 1: embed kitchen appliances into the cabinets to greatly increase the beauty.

Customized tall cabinet can be embedded with a variety of electrical appliances, including refrigerator, dishwasher, electric steamer, microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, oven, constant temperature wine cabinet, etc.

If the microwave oven and disinfection cabinets are embedded in the high cabinets, we recommend to place them in the middle, so that even if there are old people at home, there is no need to bend too much in the kitchen. The range hood can also be coated with a customized cabinet to make all cabinets in the kitchen look more uniform.

Multiple tall cabinets are designed for the kitchen to make the embedding of electrical appliances more convenient. Refrigerators, ovens and microwave ovens can be "hidden" in the cabinet.

Knack 2: maximize the use of special-shaped space.

In case of irregular space, customization can help you solve many problems. Making an appropriate arc along the wall, whether it is the base cabinet, table top or wall cabinet, can be a perfect "turning" without wasting a bit of space - if used well, they can even create unique beauty.
In order to meet better washing needs and increase the washing basin space, the base cabinet can also be specially customized, which will not affect the overall use effect of the kitchen, and will be more convenient.

The kitchen has a protruding position. By customizing the U-shaped cabinet and extending it to the corner of the protruding space, it can not only maximize the utilization of the kitchen space, but also increase a large amount of storage space and broaden the operating table.
There were ones who said that the most practical and convenient kitchen is the one in U shape.
The washing, cutting, and cooking can be arranged in a reasonable area, where all operations are generated at one point. The door is in the middle of a long side, in addition to the high availability of the counter-top, there is sufficient available space on both sides of the stove. It truly brings the convenience to the cooking.
We are -SUNVIN specialized in the U-Shaped Kitchen designing and the cabinets manufacturing! Be free to contact US with relevant inquiries!

Imagine that there is a non square kitchen with a corner of about 140 °. The cabinet at the corner keeps a high degree of unity through accurate customization and perfect turning.

If the protruding position of the kitchen is on the left, you can refer to this design. Some less commonly used tableware can be placed in the left cabinet to expand the storage space of the kitchen.

Knack 3:there is no difficulty in covering the beam and avoiding the column.

If there are columns on both sides of the L-shape in the small kitchen space, the customized embedded cabinets can not only perfectly block the columns, but also save a lot of space. The design of the bar solves the problem of the dining table at the same time.
The design of L-shaped kitchen cabinets with the dining table can form an intimate open communication space, increase the interaction of the family, weaken the closeness of the kitchen, and finally create an atmosphere of enjoyment for the family.
SUNVIN specialized in the L-Shaped Kitchen designing and the cabinets manufacturing! Be free to contact US with relevant inquiries!

Moreover, if there are not only protruding columns but also concave positions in the kitchen space, these column concave spaces can be well utilized by customizing cabinets, which not only expands the capacity of the kitchen, but also makes it more beautiful.
Setting the wall cabinets between two columns, and the base cabinet covers the columns to make a perfect "turn", creating a U-shaped kitchen with rich functions. Double sinks design can accommodate many people to cook at the same time.

In a word, no matter how bad and small your kitchen unit is, if you choose to custom cabinets, designers will help you solve them all. Even not only solve them, but also make the cabinets beautiful and practical.
Of course, customized kitchen cabinets also have their own disadvantages: as need more preparation and longer production time , it needs to book in advance, and the price of customized cabinets will be slightly more expensive than ordinary cabinets. 

But for the persons who pursue life taste, I believe these small shortcomings can be ignored compared with the surprise effect that customized kitchen cabinets can bring..
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