Advantages And Disadvantage Of Custom Cabinet

Advantages Of Customized Cabinet

Nowadays, many households choose customized furniture for decoration. Customized furniture not only looks beautiful, but can also be measured and customized according to the size of the house and space, which can make better use of the space and relatively save a lot of trouble.

Where do you usually need custom cabinets? Entrance, wardrobe, cabinet, sideboard, children's room, study, bathroom cabinet, laundry cabinet, etc.


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So, besides being beautiful and diverse, what other advantages of customized cabinet have?


1.The biggest advantage of customizing a wardrobe is that it saves space.

In the context of high housing prices, housing space gradually decreases. At this point, customizing a wardrobe is a great choice. Make full use of space: Customized wardrobes can be designed completely according to personal needs and space size, providing the most suitable customized solution, making full use of space, making your room small but "all dirty". Every space has its purpose, no waste, and improving storage efficiency



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2.Extremely practical

The practicality of customizing a wardrobe lies in its cost. Its cost is usually calculated based on the area of the cabinet, and different configurations have different prices. This greatly facilitates users to use the most useful components and designs on customized wardrobes, without wasting space or costs.


custom wardrobe cabinet

3.Meet personalized customization

After installation, the customized wardrobe can better integrate into the overall room decoration style, coordinate with other elements of the room, and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Customized wardrobes are not mass-produced like finished wardrobes, where you can freely choose materials, colors, and styles. They are generally designed and installed based on customers' actual situations and preferences. This way, each wardrobe has different designs, shapes, functions, and other aspects, meeting customers' personalized aesthetic and usage needs, and increasing home aesthetics.


special wardrobe cabinet

What boards are used for customized cabinets?

1.Solid wood particle board

This board is made by beating logs into granules, adding adhesive, and pressing them at high temperature. The surface of the board is flat and smooth, without insect holes, and is not prone to warping and cracking. At the same time, it has good sound insulation, mold resistance, and load-bearing performance. The main reason is that it is affordable, so it is widely used in panel furniture. However, due to the use of glue in the processing of particle boards, poor quality glue can increase the formaldehyde content of solid wood particle boards, which is harmful to the human body. The shape of particle boards is difficult to make, and they are also prone to expansion and damage when exposed to water.

2.Multi layer solid wood board

Multi layer solid wood board is made of multi-layer veneer or thin plate by hot pressing, and the fabric is made of solid wood board or technology board, with realistic texture and good hand feel. Moreover, it is stable and load-bearing, not easily deformed, and is commonly used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and bathroom partitions. However, multi-layer solid wood boards are suitable for making wardrobes and are prone to deformation.

3.Density board

The raw material of density board is wood fiber or plant fiber, combined with resin, and made by hot pressing. Uniform structure, smooth surface, and good decoration. However, density boards are not moisture-proof, prone to expansion and deformation when exposed to water, and have poor nail grip and insufficient load-bearing capacity, making them unsuitable for cabinet use.

4.Finger board

The finger board is serrated at the interface of the wooden board, like the fingers of two hands intersecting and docking. The amount of glue used in processing is small, and the strength and appearance are similar to those of solid wood boards. Commonly used in furniture, wardrobes, and cabinets. But its moisture content and density are not uniform, so try to choose hardwood fingerboard as much as possible


What decorative panels are used for customized cabinets?


Melamine finish is also called Aijia board, double faces. It is a kind of composite board, which directly covers the surface layer of particle board or plywood board or MDF substrate with abrasion resistance, flame retardant, scratch resistance and acid and alkali resistance after special treatment. It is characterized by the advantages of smooth surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2.UV painting

We uses the platinum facing paint imported from the United States to chemically react with ultraviolet rays to form a dense protective film, and uses two-color crystals to seal the edges. The specular highlight effect is obvious, the paint film is plump, does not fade, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The base material is MDF.  


After 22 processes, 48 hours of high-temperature baking, the lacquer has the advantages of stable paint surface, high hardness and high brightness; outstanding mirror effect, no chipping, no yellowing, and long-term exposure to strong light. The base material is MDF.

(Please see some of our violence tests)


PVC, the base material is high-density board vacuum laminating one-time molding without edge sealing. The door panel can be made into a variety of shapes, which is a one-time molding, and the formaldehyde content in the door panel is almost zero. PA imported PVC and classical PVC, the shape is in place and the PVC is firmly attached to the bottom; no granular protrusions, no wrinkles at the corners, no deformation on the corners, no chipping on the back, no stains. The base material is MDF.

5.Veneer lacquer

Veneer lacquer is made of E1 grade fiberboard with technical veneer; it is refined through more than 40 processes. The surface is smooth, delicate and not easy to change color, the performance is stable, and the mirror effect reaches 106 degrees. The hardness is high, the wear resistance is strong, and the hardness is above 4H. No odor, super environmentally friendly. The base material is MDF.


L shape kitchen cabinet

4.Style and Needs

Unified style, more beautiful home. Most finished wardrobes are manufactured by manufacturers based on experience and technology, with numerous styles. When purchasing, it is like choosing a disaster site with difficulty, which can easily lead to difficulty grasping the style during decoration and accidentally "deviating".

Customized wardrobes are different. Designers can design styles with the same theme, type, or color based on your home's decoration style, allowing the cabinet and overall decoration style to blend seamlessly. Choose the Gospel of Difficulties!


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5.Guaranteed after-sales service

After sales service for wardrobes is also an issue that requires everyone's attention. Many times, finished wardrobes do not provide professional after-sales service and cannot be efficiently resolved when encountering problems. The customized wardrobe is quite excellent in terms of its body made of environmentally friendly materials, hardware accessories that are different from finished wardrobes, and many large brand customization stores offer lifetime warranty. If any issues are found with the wardrobe or hardware, they can be resolved through after-sales service.

Sunvin Company Limited, who is custom cabinet contractor, adheres to the attitude of "integrity, simplicity, and responsibility" and advocates the corporate spirit of "only customizing for high-quality products". We have gathered a group of high-quality professional talents both domestically and internationally, integrating the actual situation and essence of Chinese kitchens, and implementing brand differentiation strategies to bring modern and fashionable overall kitchens to end consumers. Intended to provide modern urbanites with high added value products with "affordable prices and perfect quality", personalized life liberalization, and a dual enjoyment of quality and taste for more families.


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Disadvantages of Customized Cabinet

Higher prices

Compared to ordinary ready-made wardrobes, customized wardrobes are more expensive. Because customized wardrobes need to be designed and manufactured according to individual needs, the production cost is also higher.

Long production cycle

Because customized wardrobes require multiple stages such as design and production, the production cycle is relatively long and it takes some time to obtain the wardrobe.

Difficulty in installation

The installation of customized wardrobes requires professional installation personnel, as the size, shape, and other aspects of the wardrobe are designed based on the home space, making installation difficult.

Poor adjustability

Once the customized wardrobe is completed, its size, shape, etc. are fixed and cannot be adjusted. Therefore, if there is a change in the home space, it is necessary to remake the wardrobe, which is costly.


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In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of customized wardrobes have obvious characteristics, and consumers can choose a suitable wardrobe according to their own needs. However, when choosing a customized wardrobe, it is necessary to choose a reputable manufacturer and maintain communication with the manufacturer during the production process to ensure the quality and cost control of the customized wardrobe.


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