What is Porcelain Slab and Why You Might Want It

You might be surprised to know that porcelain slabs are a very popular option among those who want natural stone surfaces. These beautiful, durable surfaces have been gaining in popularity for years now and there's no sign of them stopping anytime soon!

Sunvin Ceramics is revolutionizing the way people use their homes by introducing porcelain slabs, a type of material that home owners love using these slabs with all sorts of projects around their own property - from vanity tops off an accent wall or even along side fireplaces as decoration; there really isn't any limit  to what you might create when given such versatile surface option.

If you're interested in learning how porcelain slabs can be used for residential and commercial projects, now request free consultation from our experts.


What is Porcelain Slab?

The porcelain slab is made of clay and minerals. Porcesses are carefully formed to ensure even heating in a kiln at stunningly high temperatures, which gives it strength as well color enhancement thanks for other ingredients like feldspar or silica that occur naturally within the mix.

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porcelain slab


Advantages and Benefits of the Porcelain Slab

Extremely hard surface: Porcelain slab is much harder than marble, even harder than granite, in fact almost 30% harder, and comparable to quartz. You can slice and dice food directly on the porcelain slab countertop without worrying that your knives will damage the surface.


porcelain slab


Seamless effect:Porcelain slabs provide an excellent solution for durable and elegant interior or exterior design in residential, commercial, or institutional settings. With their strong sense of design, porcelain slabs have the technical capability to mimic a seamless effect while avoiding grout lines that can detract from the beauty of stone designs.


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Non-porous and waterproof:Porcelain slab offers a great solution for anyone seeking an easy-to-maintain surface. Its unique features of being non-porous and waterproof, plus having water absorption of less than 0.5%, make it ideal for a variety of uses. It is highly resistant to staining and discoloration, making cleaning and maintaining porcelain slab virtually effortless. Additionally, its low water absorption eliminates bacteria growth, making it ideal for environments where hygiene is a priority. Buyers will find these features well worth the cost when considering the long term use of porcelain slab.


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Resistant to extreme temperatures: Porcelain slabs are resistant to extreme temperatures, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors without fear of them cracking or deteriorating over time. For porcelain slab countertops, put the hot pan and the pan directly on their surface, and you should not have any problems.In terms of outdoor use, porcelain slabs fit the bill nicely as they boast excellent frost resistance and very good heat resistance. The excellent durability of porcelain means it can last for many years without requiring regular maintenance; making it ideal for those seeking a low level of upkeep associated with their outdoor products.


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UV resistance: Porcelain slab has is its UV resistance. This means that the color and texture of the surface will not fade when it is exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. The material won't discolor, so you can enjoy vibrant and eye-catching surfaces for years down the line - without worrying about having to have them replaced or refurbished.


porcelain slab


Environmental sustainability: Porcelain slab is an ideal product for those seeking natural materials and environmental sustainability. Not only is it comprised of 100% natural materials, but also has numerous environmental benefits. Porcelain slab is extremely durable and can last for decades with minimal maintenance, reducing the need to replace it over time while diminishing the carbon footprint that is created by producing new resources.


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Endless appearance possibilities :Porcelain slabs open endless possibilities for an array of aesthetically pleasing surfaces for any living space. Its man-made material allows the user to customize its appearance, with a selection of patterns and colors added during its manufacturing process. Whether you’re in search of a rustic look or are wanting something more sleek and classic, porcelain slabs have it all; allowing people to achieve everything from the look of marble, wood grain, concrete finishes or even rusted steel but still remain natural in its overall visual aesthetic.


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Special Function of the Porcelain Slab

Cover walls, cabinets, furniture and other surfaces with porcelain slab. For example, designers like to use porcelain slab to create an integral sink; manufacturers are beginning to offer integrated induction burners on their porcelain slab countertop, creating the smoothest cooking surface imaginable.


porcelain slabporcelain slab


Cost and Challenge of the Porcelain Slab

Due to the fragility of porcelain slab and the difficult manufacturing process, the cost is usually higher. Local skills and expertise also affect the cost of porcelain slab production, so we advise buyers to look for an experienced manufacturer to get a reasonably priced and high quality product; as for installation, it is best to have someone certified to install the porcelain slab. The good news is that once installed, your maintenance costs are very low, and this is something that will always pay off.

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Ideas for Using Porcelain Slab

Kitchen countertops      More info:Porcelain Slab vs Quartz Countertops-What You Want to Know

Bathroom and shower walls

✔Feature walls

✔Full height backsplash


✔Cabinet door panels

✔Furniture pieces such as dining tables

Fireplace surrounds

✔Patios or around pools

porcelain slabporcelain slabporcelain slab


FAQs of the Porcelain Slab

How strong is a porcelain slab?

The durability of porcelain is unmatched by other materials. Kiln fired at incredibly high temperatures (up to 2500 degrees), makes this tough material resistant not just heat but also chemicals and UV light; it won't fade in the sun.


Which is better granite or porcelain?

Granite and porcelain are two of the hardest materials in nature, with a Moh's hardness rating between 6-6.5 for granite and 7 or higher for porceline made from hard baked kaolinite clay which makes it slightly more durable than its counterpart when exposed to scratches etc.

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Can you put hot pans on porcelain slab countertop?

Porcelain slab countertops are perfect, as they can handle hot pans and pots with ease! Not only that but porcelains won't emit any harmful substances when heated up so you'll never have an issue cleaning them afterwards either.


How long will porcelain slabs last?

Porcelain slabs can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. If you want to extend their lifespan, first ensure that they are clean by wiping down any spills or stains on a regular basis (at least once every week).


Do porcelain slabs chip easily?

Porcelain slabs are slightly more brittle, but they also have a harder surface that makes them less likely to chip.


Do porcelain slab countertops need to be sealed?

Porcelain slab countertops are coated with a glaze that makes them non-porous and completely waterproof, so they do not need to be sealed.


What should you not use on porcelain slab?

It's important to use caution when cleaning your porcelain slab. For example, do not use acids or harsh chemicals like ammonia because they can damage the glazed surfaces that will eventually chip away at what was once beautiful artwork! Always dry thoroughly after wetting it with water.


Do porcelain slabs get hot in the sun?

Will it get hot in summertime for porcelain slab used for outdoors? The answer is no! With our special production methods we can ensure your garden will be cool and refreshing all year 'round.


Can bacteria grow on porcelain slab?

The porcelain slab is a popular and highly hygienic building material. It is free from moisture and inhospitable for bacteria.


How do you keep porcelain slab shiny?

It's hard to beat porcelain slab for ease of cleaning. Simply wipe the surface with soap and water or a stone cleaner, then dry off thoroughly when you're done.


Have Fun with Porcelain Slab from Sunvin Ceramics

Remember, at Sunvin Ceramics, we're the expert! Sunvin Ceramics is a one-stop shop for all your porcelain slab needs. From designing and producing to installation, we've got you covered! We're here with our hands on process so that means from the beginning of planning through final touches everything will be answered in detail - no question left unanswered or project overlooked by us at Sunvin Ceramics.Contact us today or visit us for a free consultation and quote!

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